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Nov 12, 2020 at 10:06 AM

Change the duration of network activity after partial confirmation

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Hello experts,

Is it possible to change the duration of network activity in APO after partial confirmation?


We are implementing an additional functionality in APO. One of the features is to make it able for user to change the duration and capacity requirements of network activity in detailed scheduling planning board.

1 Network.

3 activities - A -> B -> C.

1) When all 3 activities are released/ not released, but not partially confirmed they can be changed and the duration values in liveCashe are updated.

2) When activity A is partially confirmed the change of duration doesn't go in liveCache anymore and stays as it is. The two other activities B and C, which are not partially confirmed, still can be changed and new duration values are going to liveCache.

What can be the reason for such behaviour?

Thanks in advance :)

Best regards,