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Nov 11, 2020 at 11:11 AM

SAC- Working with a copy of SAC Content


Hi All,

We are trying to work with SAC Business Content (Import Connection). After installing the Model and Story we need to make a copy of the Model, add additional Dimensions etc in the copied model and then add those to the story. I copied the SAP standard model to a new Model.

In the Copied story I changed the Datasource to the newly copied Model and saved the story with a new name.

But I find that all cross calculation formatting etc is gone on changing the datasource (model) in the story. Also the Input controls no longer have any impact on the data for the widget which was re-pointed.

I want to reuse the existing story with some enhancements and point it to the new model. Is there any way to achieve this without losing all cross calculation / table structure . We are using a copy model and story to ensure that custom changes are not overwritten if the Model / Story is imported again from content.