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Nov 10, 2020 at 04:22 PM

Bug: Phantom banned words in blog posts

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OK, so I'm really super annoyed that I've just lost an hour's writing on a blog. The problem was that it complained about an illegal word, which did not exist in my blog at all. I even pasted the whole thing into a plaintext editor to search there, nothing.

A bad feature is that it doesn't tell you where it thinks the word is, just the red banner at the top. I tried process of elimination by cutting parts and saving. Sometimes I could save. Then I would rewrite the offending bit and bang it's illegal.

The word it complained about was c-u-m. Through process of elimination I ended up removing a line that read:

"Let's demonstrate this with a simple example:" and the error went away. Yay, saved it! Rewrote line back again as "Let's use an example to see this in action:" ==> Bad word starting with c is back.

I give up, delete line, save. Nope, bad word has hidden itself somewhere else.

OK, time for a virtual reboot, go back to my blogs, refresh browser and try to open draft from my last save. Nope... empty. Now everything is completely gone.

This really is not a good blogging experience.