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Nov 10, 2020 at 01:23 PM

GPS Coordinates for a picture in SAP FSM


Hello guys,

In FSM app (IOS or Android) we can take picture with our tablet/mobile phone camera or add directly from the multimedia as an attachment (standard feature).

When I am using my camera without the App, I can get the localisation site in my picture (longitude, latitude). This information may stored directly in the picture proprieties regarding where I took the picture.

In my project deployment, I must save pictures in FSM (from a picture attachment or as the best solution: directly when I take a picture from my camera in the app) with this localisation proprieties. I have tested to stored a located picture in the app and download it again. When I download back the picture, I lost my localisation proprieties (JPEG format). Do I have to activate a FSM Setting to get this picture proprieties ? Do I have to upload with another format ? Do I have a workaround to perform this customer criteria ?

It s a standard feature in a modern phone to get the picture localisation, is it at least a development planned in FSM to be able to store picture localisation ? Do you have a workaround to help me to manage it ?

Thanks in advance