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Nov 09, 2020 at 06:42 AM

Currency Conversion in Cross-Company Stock Transfer Scenario


Hi Experts

We have material ledger active and implemented Cross-Company Costing in product costing using special procurement type for costing.

We have one controlling area and the currency is USD

We have a business scenario where the company code currency is USD same as controlling area currency
and not equal to the receiving plant’s company code currency.

Based on SAP OSS note 2420736 when doing cost rollup the Controlling area currency USD amount of the sender should be copied to receiver Company Code currency USD if we make the IMG config for OKYW to activate cost component split in controlling area currency as describe in the note - We follow the instruction of the OSS note………

However, instead of copy the controlling currency value the Company Code currency amount in the receiving company code the instead of copy the controlling currency amount is translated from Company Code currency amount of the sender based on “P” rate which results in different values for the same currency/valuation.

Did anyone face similar issue and what is the resolution ?