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Nov 05, 2020 at 07:34 PM

Shell Creation - Logical Path definition failing



I'm trying to perform a Shell Creation of a EhP8 for SAP ERP 6.0 system running over Linux/DB6

Export Preparation Steps were executed from SWPM

I already created the project in TDMS but it fails in the "Assign Environmental Parameter Values" step. I had checked the guide and it said to define the logical and physical path for variables TDMS_SHELL_EXPORT and TDMS_SHELL_INSTALL in transaction FILE:

TDMS_SHELL_EXPORT -> /shell/EXP/ABAP/<FILENAME> (where DB and DATA directories are located) TDMS_SHELL_INSTALL -> /shell/sapinst_instdir/BS2013SR2/ERP607SR2/DB6/COPY/EXP/AS-ABAP/PREEXP (where SWPM Export preparation execution log files are located)

Logical and physical path were defined but still the activity keep failing. I tried several path conbinations without results. Also tried to put all files together in a single directory but without luck.

Activity "Assign Environmental Parameter Values" error log show the following:

Empyt directory list
message No. CNV_TDMS_13_SHELL025

Export preparation step is not executed via SAPinst GUI

System Response
Empty Directory List

Please execute the Export preparation step via SAPinst GUI

I'm stuck and I can't find the issue. I need some advice.