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Nov 10, 2020 at 06:45 PM

How to maintain ACDOCA table fields? Problem with FAGLB03


When I execute FAGLB03 transaction (GL Account balance display) in S4H for Ledger 0L and want to see details for debit or credit amounts, the line items displayed are showing fields assignment (ZUONR) and text (SGTXT) as empty. When debugging I noted the standard code fetches data from ACDOCA in join with BKPF and finsc_ledger_rep tables. At BSEG table I can see the text and Assignment fields and they have contents (and this table have less line items than ACDOCA) and info is same than FB03 transaction (bseg-zuonr, bseg-sgtxt). Seems the transaction FAGLB03 is selecting from ACDOCA other line items where Assignment and text are empty.

Easy solution is maintain the line items at ACDOCA where text and Assignment is empty. How data is maintained in that table? Or how we indicate FAGLB03 drill down to select correct line items?