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Nov 09, 2020 at 09:59 AM

Characterisrics relationships based on Exit short dump

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Hi All!

I have a weird behavior of my characteristic relationship (CR) built based on the exit class.

The model is like this: I have an aDSO like cube (A) and direct update DSO (B) included in the composite provider (CP). All fields from A and B are mapped to CP.

the CR is set on the DSO A and it uses only 3 dimensions out of 10 that are in DSO A. Those 3 dimensions are also in DSO B.

On top of my CP I have an aggregation level and on top of it the query is built.

My CR I need to restrict values in the F4 pop-up of my 3 dimensions in the input form.

When the exit class is being triggered, my logic of creating valid combinations works fine, BUT...

After that, system tries to create a cartesian product of all 3 dimensions (because of my DSO B), tries to create millions of valid combinations, and gives a short dump.

the question is "why is it doing it"? the aggregation level contains all the characteristics from the DSOs.