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Nov 05, 2020 at 03:52 PM

Blending in SAC data

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Hi All,

I have been reading about blending in SAC and I tried a scenario where I was blending 2 models (one live and other import), it gave me warning (Warning1warning-1.pnglimits-1.jpg)

I have read about the dataset limits with browser based blending which is in the attached snapshot (Limits1)

Url for the blog -

My question is, how one would know they have exceeded the limit? Especially when one is using a live connection where the parameter selections by end user may change the data output volume. It would be difficult to test each and every combination of parameters (bearing in mind backend data may increase in future)

There is another type of blending called SDI (Smart Data Integration) which you need to configure in case you have the need to blend larger data volumes. In that case you will configure the SAP Data Provisioning Agent and point the Data Provisioning Agent on the one hand towards your SAP HANA environment and on the other hand towards your SAP Analytics Cloud environment.

My question is, have we ever done it? If yes, how much time it takes. Also, when do you advice a customer that they need it.

I am asking this because I have a customer requirement where the SAC Story data will be coming from 3 different sources (one live, 2 import SAC models) and we would need to display measures from all three systems on the same chart.

Any input/thought would be highly appreciated.



warning-1.png (8.8 kB)
limits-1.jpg (53.9 kB)