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Nov 05, 2020 at 11:05 AM

BAPI for multiple asset retirement using ABAVN / ABAON


Hello All,

I am working on one solution where I need to retire multiple assets using ABAVN and AVAON.

The BAPIs that I am using for this purpose are:

BAPI_ASSET_RETIREMENT_CHECK for validating the data before posting

BAPI_ASSET_RETIREMENT_POST for posting the data


These BAPIs are creating new posting document for each retirement data. For example, if I want to retire 10 assets, these BAPI will be called 10 times thereby creating 10 new documents.

Instead, we want to create only one document for multiple assets.

So the question is do we have any BAPI or FM which can create only one document for multiple retiring assets ?

If yes, Please provide me the list. If no, what are the possible solution we have in order to solve this problem. We are not in favor of using any batch techniques like BDC or LSMW.

Help will be highly appreciated.