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Nov 08, 2020 at 12:54 AM

Full load and delta load not working on 2lis_13_VDITM. Reinitialised the dataousource . No change.


V3 job active. Datasource is working in RSA3. Filled up setup tables. RSA3 show the newly added field. Datasource is replicated to BW. But full load does not extract any records, it does not end in error. It just brings 0 records, data exist in the setup tables.

2nd things is, when I init the datasource, there should be an entry in RSA7 right ....Its missing. Any advise please. Is the entry in RSA7 create automatically when we initialize a datasource ? Please update what could be the issue. How is RSA3 working fine, newly added field is showing fine in BW , replication is successful but records not getting extracted from ECC to BW. IN LBWE, datasource shows as active. V3 job scheduled every 1 hour. Please advise. Appreciate it.