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Nov 06, 2020 at 07:49 PM

How to open "Cloud ALM Implementation Portal" from "Cloud ALM launchpad"

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Update: 24/11/0220 added some comments after this topic is clear for me

Hi, it was long time ago since my last question in SCN, maybe years :-)

I'm testing the Cloud ALM available for SAP Partners and follow the instructions of the Setup and administration guide to run the initial configuration.

The link that I follow is: Setup and Administration Guide you have to prepare the cloud alm think from the SAP Cloud Platform Cockpit, would be not easy uf you are familiar with SCP, it was not my case.

After fighting with the setup guide, I finally was able to run the Cloud ALM launchpad, here I can see that there are a lot of new functionalities to setup your projects in implementation portal.

Here I see that it's possible to setup the project setting in the SAP Cloud ALM Implementation scenario.

I had 2 question from here:

1.- Where is the option to change the system language to English :-) ?

2.- Where is the link to login into "Cloud ALM Implementation Portal" ?, screenshot:

Update: 24/11/0220 -> This screenshot is from the old SAP CLoud ALM Implementation portal released for Cloud customers, we don't have to use it anymore with the new one

Working with a customer instance, the customer have a direct link to this Implementation Portal and he have to add you as a team member in the project to get the e-mail with the access link, but in the Cloud Alm launchpad i don't find how to do this.

This is the email where I access into the customer instance: implementationportal for SAP S/4HANA Cloud.

Update: 24/11/0220 -> The link to launch the application is build from SCP sub-account tenant, is something like: https://<company>
You can launch it doing this: SAP SCP -> SAP CLoud ALM Global Account -> Sub accounts -> SAP CLoud ALM -> Active Subscriptions -> SAP Cloud ALM Tile -> CLick on Go to application

When I login to this link with my user/e-mail, it open the customer instance.

Any tip :-) ?,

Thanks ¡



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