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Nov 06, 2020 at 11:00 AM

ASN generating XML automatically and not by the Dealer


Hi Experts,

We have done a recent upgrade and our version is 714/013.

We are receiving DESADV IDoc errors with an error "Either quantity in sales unit or in base unit must be filled".

We noticed that this is not processed by any Dealer and it is generating automatically or some other call in SNC system.

The XML are same but missing data such as no HU or quantity values. We are receiving this for multiple users and the parts which are left over of the Order->Delivery.

This Return ASN is generating but not exist in the system either in SCN or ECC. It looks a dummy ASN number is creating without quantity. There is no timeline and no conflict or dependent with the successful IDocs.

There is no Batch jobs as well in SNC system.

As a beginner I am not sure how to find out the triggering point or how these ASNs are generating.

Kindly help with your valuable answers.