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Nov 05, 2020 at 12:29 PM

Lumira Designer: How to apply/modify various BEx Exceptions at Runtime (Conditional Formatting)


Hi Lumira Experts,

I am looking for hints or experience how to apply BEx exceptions from a Query used as DS in Lumira Designer at runtime using script. I found the method "setConditionalFormatActive()" using parameters "ID" and a boolean expression. However, I have no idea what the "ID" should be. I tried several random numbers such as "0" or "1" and also the Description of the exception in the Query but none of those seems to have any effect.

Q: Does anybody know how to use this method?

My task is to have one query with multiple different exceptions on one measure which have to be selected via script at runtime. If there is a solution using the Lumira conditional formatting to solve this, it would be also fine.

Thanks for any idea!

Best from Munich