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Cross Component Integration Scenarios

Greetings all and thanks in advance. I've search the forum and weblogs but I'm not finding exactly what I'm looking for.

In the process of moving all our legacy systems to SAP we will need to keep feeding some legacy systems. We have written custom programs to create files that we will use XI to FTP to the appropriate legacy system. In most cases once all sites are on SAP some of these interfaces will no longer be needed.

As a new XI developer in a brand new XI environment I'm wondering how to set up the integration scenarios in the Integration Repository.

Since I'm moving data from SAP do I define data types, etc and message types in the SAP SWC and identical Data types in the SWC I created that represents the legacy system?

Should I create scenarios or just create the components directly in the ID?

If there are several different legacy systems that will need to be fed, would you create them as separate SWC in the SLD?

Host of other questions, but I'm looking for general guidance or insights on how you have implemented XI in your environment.

Any help would be appreciated.

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2 Answers

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    Apr 22, 2006 at 06:46 AM

    1 swcv is enough for all the systems.

    1 name space per interface should be good.

    create 1 generic namespace where all the generic objects can be created and use them across all.

    You need to create 4 BS and TS and you need to definetly have 4 communication channels for each system.

    But for ex: com1 is pointing to legacy 1.then all the intrefaces of legacy1 can use the same com channel.

    Hope this suffices and get abck to me if u need any info.It all depends on your landscape and there are no hard & fast rules.

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      Thanks for the link but I can't access the presentation for some reason. I have a service marketplace ID so...

      I've created a SWC named Legacy_Interfaces.

      A namespace for each interface (system A) (system B) (system C)

      Since the interfaces out of SAP are customized programs I'm torn between adding it as a part of the Legacy_Interface namespace or under the SAP APPL 5.0 SWC.

      I'm leaning toward adding in under the Legacy Interface SWC since they in reality are not a part of SAP APPL.

      Thanks for all you help.

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    Apr 20, 2006 at 07:07 PM


    You can go through the below urls:





    Importance of XI Certification


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      HI Mark,

      For any development to be statarted you will first need SWCV.

      IF you want to do a lot of reusability of data type that you are creating, then it's better to have just one SWCV.

      You can have more then one SWCV and create dependiencies but there is no harm in just creating one SWCV.

      For your each interface development you can create one namesppace. You can have your naming convention that anyone can find the Interface easily in the Repoitory.

      For Integration Directory, since you have different legacy system. For all different SAP systems you can have one Business system each as you would need Logical system etc when using IDocs.

      For your Third-Party legacy sytem you can have one Business service each. This is just for easy understanding that all the communication interacting with a particular legacy system are place under a single Busienss system/service.

      For each scenario you can create one Configuration scenario.

      Designing the Integration Repository and directory object should be such that you take least time in making any correction if required.

      Hope this helps.