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Asset Sheet History-Transaction Type

Feb 17, 2017 at 09:38 PM


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I would like to ask some help relating to Asset sheet History. I was activating a couple of assets, so I expected to have a transfer between AUC and Asset account. I divided the value of the AUC (100) to 20 and 80 when I was activating. However, only 20 appears in the transfer. Asset which has 80 value also appeared on the asset account but without transferring from AUC. It just seems that asset got immediately at asset account without sitting on AUC before. The two assets were posted under the same document, everything seems to be the same beside the tranaction type. Only prior year acq (340) appears in the report, current year does not (345). Can anybody advise a trick how I can involve lines which have been posted with transaction type 345?

Thanks in advance.

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1 Answer

Bernhard Kirchner
Feb 22, 2017 at 01:36 PM

Hi Balazs,

In the "history sheet version" is is defined which transaction type is defined or not.

Please go to the Tr. OA79 (history sheet version).
Hier you can define which transactionb type is defined in which colum.
Double click on the column. Here you ca see which history sheet group are assigned. The assigned transaction types are diesplayed in the
asset history sheet. Here you see the following:

initial Transaction is not yet allocated to history sheet item

X Transaction is allocated to the current history sheet item

. Transaction is allocated to another history sheet item

History sheet groups you can find out in (TABW-GITTGR and TABW-BWASL).

You can define your own "history sheet version" or you can copy a existing one and change it. But you should not change a SAP standard "history sheet version".

Best regards


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