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Nov 03, 2020 at 08:35 PM

Adobe Form with fragment - how to call it in an ABAP program? Options please?


The requirement is to attach an Adobe form to an e-mail. I don't have any problems with the e-mail attachment part of this. However, I have never tried to write an ABAP program with an Adobe fragment. So after looking for the answer using different searches, and not finding one I figure I'd post here.

The Adobe form needs to stay a fragment type because I am using it with FIORI. (My first thought had been to simply create an interface for it.) The form fragment is "defined" in SEGW. If I get desperate, I can call the service to get my XML filled. Then I can call the Adobe form using a call FM, and sending the XML. That is the last option that I'm thinking about.

I can call a BAPI FM to pull the purchase contract data, and then use transform to get my XML. Then call the Adobe form with the FM sending the XML, I created. I didn't want to worry about two different outputs. I want to be able to compare the same code.

I can even call the methods used in the gateway definition to fill the XML data. That just seems like a lot of work, but I may have to do this.

I looked at having an XML output in OPD. Only to realize that I really didn't know how to trigger the execution of the OPD. Maybe I'll take a look at the BRF+.

Any other suggestions? Is there a better/easier way of doing this? I'm on 1709 on-premise system with 7.52 Netweaver. Anything that I shouldn't do that I listed above?

In case you are wondering - My ultimate goal here is to create an E-mail with the Adobe form filled and sent. The form is not an interactive form. I don't have any issue with sending the string that I get back as an attachment.

Any help you give would be appreciated!