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Nov 04, 2020 at 04:24 AM

SAP Enable Now - How to change the number of headers in generated documentations


Dear community.

I am currently trying to change the numbers of headers in generated documentations.

For example, I want to change 「1.1 ~~」 to 「1.1.(1) ~~」in only a few headers (not all of them) .

I already know how to edit it in a Word documentation, but it takes lots of time so I want to change it all of them at once in SAP Enable Now.

I appreciate any guide you can provide.

Best regards.

Please see some screenshots below for better understanding :

・In this case, I want to change 「1.2 Search 2」to「1.1.(2) Search 2」.


uipyw.png (52.5 kB)