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Nov 03, 2020 at 12:59 PM

Long Texts Truncating in Open ODS Table



I have extracted Notification Long Texts from ECC to BW, the Long Texts for Notifications is storing in Different Rows i mean, For Example Notification 100 there are suppose 7 Rows extracting from ECC to BW which has 7 Lines of Long Texts in 7 Rows and i need to concatenate all these 7 Lines of Long Texts in single Row while storing data in Open ODS Table i have written the logic in End Routine to concatenate all these rows for a Notification into Single row but while storing Long text into Open ODS table it's Truncating after certain Length.

I have debug the routine and also it's truncating during filling Internal table after certain length approx. 130 Char.

I am using String Data type with No Restriction in length to Store Long Texts but still it's truncating after storing in Table.

is there a way to store Long Texts upto 45000 Chars Length in Table.


Atul Mohan Mishra