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Nov 04, 2020 at 03:21 AM

Screen freezing/ flavor locking issue in Personas 3.0(SP09) leading to crashing of SAP GUI


Hi All,

I'm facing a weird issue where sometimes the personas screen gets frozen upon any action or the flavor gets locked suddenly. During this time when I try to unlock the flavor or refreshing the screen to make it normal, we are experiencing an SAP system crash by locking all the relevant work processes. Rest of the users who try to logon to the same SAP system are unable to logon ending up with an error message while opening. This is creating a huge impact.

After checking the logs for the failure of the system, the error seems to be showing as "LOCK ENTRY DELETED MANUALLY: /PERSONAS/FLAVOR X "

| 28|31108 |DIA |WP_KILL| | |high|T25_U24796_M0 |HTTP_ITS | | | |SAPLCOIH |001|(user id )| |

Did anyone ever face the same issue or any suggestions on how to solve this ?

Many Thanks in Advance.