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Oct 29, 2020 at 02:06 PM

Fixed Asset - Declining Balance to Straight Line for Half year


I have a depreciation key Z200 which should calculate tax area depreciation for half year, meaning first year, it will depreciate starting mid-year instead of first day of fiscal year.

Period control is set up as 07/07/07/07.

This worked fine till FY 2019, but starting FY 2020, ordinately depreciation start date is adding first day of fiscal year (2/1/2020) instead of mid year (8/1/2020).

First I thought it was because fiscal year variant calendar. It was only updated to 2020, so I updated through 2024 (OB29 and OA84). I thought this will fix the issue, but the system is still putting 2/1/2020 as depreciation start date instead of 8/1/2020 thus making tax depreciation amount wrong.
Anyone have any idea why this is doing this?
I must be missing some steps after I updated OB29 and OA84.

Any help will be really appreciated.