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Oct 29, 2020 at 10:09 AM

How to get an put values into a ini file?


I have updated my Crystal Reports from SP17 to SP29.

I have a report with a function that gets and puts value into an ini file when the page is changed.

(I want to write the page number of every record, every one is shown into 1 o 2 pages)

Since now i use the functions MAGIniGetValue and MagINIPutValue functions of CRUFLMAG.dll and u2lcom.dll

But now doesn't function ok...

And these DLL I can't register them into my Windows 10 machine.

Can you help me?

Are there some others DLLs to do the same?

Or is ther any way to update a field to the database in every change of page of the report?

I want to save the page where each record is shown in the CrystalReport.


Eva Janakieff