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Nov 03, 2020 at 11:30 AM

ARM and QM process


Hello All,

We have a scenario to integrate ARM with QM. What we want to know is - with ARM in place, will the inspection be carried out only in ARM or do we have a scope for QM inspection as well? What we are trying to achieve is with a returns order, we do the inspection within ARM & then for follow-up action we plan to move it from Blocked to QI using movement type 655 (configured in ARM settings for SPRO).

Also, in QM for 'Deactivate QM for goods movement' for 655 we HAVE NOT checked the 'QM not active' box which means QM is still active for 655.

However, when we run through the entire process, we were expecting a 08 inspection lot being created for the material since as part of ARM process we made a follow-up decision for 655 mvt to move stock from blocked to QI- but the 08 inspection lot never got generated.

Can some please advise why the Inspection lot 08 (stock transfer) didnt get created, since we moved stock from blocked to QI