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Oct 28, 2020 at 05:59 PM

Initiating a Recall Pickup Order on Customer Consignment Inventory


Hey Experts!

Question for you, I am being faced with an issue for the following business scenario.

We are wanting to put materials that are deemed to be recalled in a restricted state via BMBC. Once this has been done it basically takes out all of the materials from open sales orders to not be shipped.

We are then creating a ZKA order (copied from KA) where we have configured a new item category (ZKAR) for our order lines. With that item category setup we then setup a schedule line category (YZ) where we are leveraging movement type 632, and have removed the availability check on the line.

Process that we are evaluating.

We create the order with the material and the correct item category is setup.

Next the schedule line determination takes place and we are getting a "Good" confirmation on that line.

The order is saved without any issues.

Now the Issue. We go to create an delivery off of the order and there is NO qty.

I have researched and I am seeing an answer that you cannot create a delivery in a restricted status. Is there any options to get around this or should I be looking at the recall process differently from a consignment perspective?