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Nov 01, 2020 at 08:24 PM

Release standard price from CK40N after material movement in operation,


Hi Everyone,

One of the client is request to find the workaround solution for the below business solution.

Error found while Standard cost release from CK40N

1, Cost Marking on 1st Nov 2020.

2. Material movement like GR, GI etc. on 1st Nov 2020.

3. Cost release from CK40N on 1st Nov 2020.

The following error displayed and I have attached the screen shot for the error.

Price changes for material 360003885 is not possible message no. c+811

Business wants to perform the material related activities in operation and it should allow to release CK40n without any error. Please suggest any solution for this requirement.

Note: We already activate Dynamic price release functionality for this purpose but still giving the same error.

We have ML activated and Price determination is 3

Your help is much appreciated.