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Nov 01, 2020 at 11:47 AM

Generate DataSet from Model


Hi experts!

In SAC Smart Predict I can only consume DataSets and Planning Models (new). As I have a lot of Analytic Models my question is, why can I not generate a DataSet (which can be used for Smart Predict) from an Analytic Model?

Second, why is it not possible to use an Analytic Model directly for Smart Predict? The Model ist more governed, but why should that be bad that I can not use ist here?

Basically I don't really understand the separated concept behind having two different objects (Model and DataSet) here as it should just be an option from where you e. g. can generate DataSets from Models and bring back a Model to a DataSet (what is already possible).All that seems not to be very mature. What is your experience here?

Thank you!