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Oct 31, 2020 at 03:25 PM

product allocation for specific charecteristics



This is related to S4 HANA SD. I have a product allocation object, maintained all configuration and added few Products to this.

Scenario: I allocated Qty 50 EA for Prod A.

Created an order for 5 EA for one of the customer X who meets the characteristics maintained in the configuration, that means Sales Org/Dist Channel/Sales Off/Sales Group level. EX: 1000/10/1000/100. I can see a consumption of 5 EA in product allocation overview as consumed.

When i create another order for qty 50 EA for Prod A for different customer Y who belongs to 1000/10/1100/110 combination levels. The total stock at this point of time 60 EA as unrestricted and system confirmed 50 EA for this customer Y. This is not expected behavior per my understanding.

  • Total Unrestricted stock for Prod A 60 EA
  • First Order for Customer X confirmed qty is 5 EA, Balance Allocated Qty is 45, expecting only customer X can purchase this Prod A
  • Second Order for Customer Y system should confirm 10 EA only, that means 60-50=10.

As per configuration, i am expecting that qty of 50 EA should be allotted to customer X, and customer Y should get only 10 EA.

Configuration i Maintained is

  • Created a Allocation object and assigned characteristics as Sales Org/Dist Channel/Sales Off/Sales Group
  • Managed Product Allocation sequence and assigned the above allocation object.
  • Assigned product A to Product Allocation Obj
  • Managed Product allocation data for product A as 50 for a month period.

Am i missing anything else?

Please suggest.

Venkat C