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Oct 29, 2020 at 05:36 PM

FI documents no longer editable after balance carry forward run



In SAP FI, after the balance carry forward has been run for a company code XXXX, to fiscal year 2021, I am no longer able to edit documents in FY 2020. Is this by design?

Before this process run, there were some custom coding blocks fields enabled for input. I am working on adjusting these coding block fields to make sure less entries will be carry forwarded to the new fiscal year.

Though this process I am doing is currently in dev systems, I am no longer able to continue because the coding block fields that were editable now is display only.

My questions here are

  • Can we reset the balance carry forward process? I tried this option but what it does is reset and rerun the balance carry forward process.
  • How do I make my FY 2020 document for the company code XXXX editable again?

Any help much appreciated. thank you.