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Oct 28, 2020 at 09:15 AM

Price List Replication from SAP ERP to SAP C4C


Hello everyone,

we want to replicate the base price list from SAP ERP to SAP C4C.

Our first approach was, to implement the Communication Arrangement "Price Condition Replication from SAP Business Suite" and use the prepacked integration flow "Replicate Price Condition from SAP Business Suite".
The requests we sent from ERP to C4C were successfully processed by C4C, but we could not find any of the conditions.

The second approach was, to use the "Offline Pricing Functionality". There were many errors and incidents had to be opened, so this didn't bring us further as well.

Now I am asking you: how can we achieve to see the base price list from ERP in C4C under Products -> Price Lists -> Base Price List?

Since this feature is planned for the first go live, which takes place in 3 weeks, i would appreciate a fast response.

Thanks in advance and best regards,