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Oct 28, 2020 at 08:21 AM

Error connecting to AWS cloud using REST services


Hi everyone,

we are having a problem trying to connect via REST service with an AWS (Amazon Web Service) cloud.

The following are the steps that we have followed:

- A HTTP Connection type G has been created

- Certificates has been added in STRUST

- In the coding the http destination has been created with class cl_http_client

- Class cl_rest_http_client is use to request the information from AWS

The connection works correctly if I authenticate the client in the coding. The problem is that the User and Password are hardcoded (actually using a table but they are visible, and we would like to use the given functionality in SM59 for basic authentication).

If we maintain the user and password in SM59 we get a 500 error. It seems that there is a problem and it does not work.

In my opinion looks like a problem with the configuration. Something that is missing that allows the encrypted password to work. Otherwise it wouldn't work when we authenticate it in the coding.

If you have any idea why this doesn't work or you just had a similiar problem let me know it.

Thanks very much,



coding.png (34.8 kB)
sm59userpwd.png (65.1 kB)