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Oct 26, 2020 at 02:32 AM

Insufficient Authorization to display where-used batch in MB56


Dear Experts,

I am trying to see where-used batch in MB56 of one batch of raw material.

The requirement is to find which batch of which finished product that a certain batch of raw material being used, so I think I could display them by MB56 but the result suggested as follows:

When I tried to click Bottom-up the message "Bottom-up expansion is not possible for the selected batch Message no. 12207" shows up.

I have checked that this material and batch input in this screen have been consumed by production orders (Currently, I'm downloading CHVW-AUFNR and AFPO-CHARG to see the where-used batch) However, since the users don't have access to table, is there other ways to check where-used batch? or how to solve this error on MB56?

Thank you in advance.


rdl10.png (78.1 kB)
fwrod.png (78.1 kB)