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Oct 25, 2020 at 01:24 PM

Embedded or Standard Modeling in BPC 11.1 BW4HANA SP02?


Dear Experts,

I have worked with standard model BPC as well as BW on HANA for years. It's well known that BPC Embedded model and Standard model works very differently from the fundamental. However is there any document or white paper regarding the performance and data size limitation comparing these 2 (since they're all using ADSOs)? I have also heard complaints about EPM (standard modeling frontend) reporting is not achievable once the combinations of dimension has members exceed the limit. Even if you can use "remove empty row or column" or dynamic filters to limit the output. The error will show and cannot be avoided.

Please kindly help. Since my next coming project will involve a large scale implementation. I need to know which one will be suitable for it.

Many thanks and best regards,