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Oct 22, 2020 at 07:06 PM

IBP Forecast Consumption not working correctly



I have set up a forecast consumption profile at a prod-loc level. The forecast consumption mode we are using is set as first backward (3 periods) and then forward (2 periods) as set up in forecast-consumption-set-up.png

The forecast consumption mode is assigned correctly to the combination in the location product MDT.

The result of the forecast consumption however doesn’t respect the forward and backward periods. The open order continues to consume far into the future and is consuming more than the actual order value. Please see attached screenshot forecast-consuption-results.png

Both Adjusted Consensus Demand Qty and Total Open orders are defined as Input to TS forecast consumption while Forecast Open Output and Total Demand Output is defined as Output to TS forecast consumption.

Is there something that we may be missing that would cause this?