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Oct 22, 2020 at 02:06 PM

Pass Dynamic Date Adapter Specific Message Attribute to Rest Receiver URL

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I have created a UDF in ESR mapping to pass timestamp to URL patter in REST URL. The timestamp is being passed to Dynamic Configuration' name='TimeStamp'.

<SAP:DynamicConfiguration SOAP:mustUnderstand='1'>
<SAP:Record namespace='' name='SourceMessageTypeNS'>xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx</SAP:Record>
<SAP:Record namespace='' name='InterfaceDeterminationHash'>xxxxx</SAP:Record>
<SAP:Record namespace='' name='SourceMessageType'>xxxxxxx</SAP:Record>
<SAP:Record namespace='' name='TimeStamp'>2020-10-22_235016</SAP:Record>
<SAP:Record namespace='' name='InterfaceFromOperation'>xxxxx</SAP:Record>
<SAP:Record namespace='' name='senderAgreementGUID'>xxxxx</SAP:Record>

Under Pattern Variable Replacement I have added the Attribute Name

The interface is working fine but the TimeStamp is not being passed to the URL.

If I use Manual for the Value Source and add a static value it works fine.

We are on PI 7.31 SP22.

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.