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Oct 26, 2020 at 11:13 PM

Unregister user in CDC



During registration, we ask for an email, password, and a few other items. Recently the business decided to ask for one extra piece of data (phone number) after the first login.

We implemented registration with finalizeRegistration=false, which set isRegistered to false. After the first login and collecting phone number, isRegistered is set to true.

The problem: we have a large number of users who registered before collecting phone numbers for enforced. Now we want them to be un-registered. This way, the system will prompt legacy users for the phone number the next time they log in. We tried server call to accounts.setAccountInfo with setParam("isRegistered", "false") but the parameter was ignored:


[ { "paramName": "isRegistered",

"warningCode": 403007,

"message": "This parameter was not recognized as valid for this API method with your security credentials nor was it recognized as a standard Gigya control parameter."

} ]

Is there any other option to “un-register” or “un-finalize” registration?