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Oct 26, 2020 at 09:51 AM

SAP RE-FX-LA - IFRS16 contract valuation - Cost center missing



In our company, we want to use RE-FX-LA module in order to do the IFRS16 contract valuations.

After configuring the module, following 4 postings are created when doing transaction RECEEP (perform contract postings):

1° one-time posting: present value posting of the contract (asset clearing GL @ leasing (IFRS16) GL)

2° one-time posting: acquisition of the right of use asset (asset GL @ asset clearing GL)

3° periodic posting: posting of the lease payment (leasing GL @ cost GL "IFRS retreatment")

4° periodic posting: posting of the interest expense amount (cost GL "interest" @ leasing GL)

However, the cost center is missing on cost GL "IFRS retreatment" of the lease payment posting. Despite the fact that the cost center was filled up on the contract object (J4) of the RE-FX contract.

Can you please advice how I can get the cost center on this lease payment posting in a standard way?

Thanks in advance.