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Oct 26, 2020 at 09:42 AM

CPI cockpit cloud connection and http destination, TLS unknown host


Hi all,

First time using cpi tenet,

we are integrating , ariba buying guide , s4hana on-premise via sap cpi,

we created: cockpit : cloud connection and http destination, tested there , it is working.

when try to use same http destination name or host name specific in http destination in cpi connection test tls

it shows, http destination name or s4hana system name( specified in cloud connection ) is not recognized , says unkown host .

can you please suggest, if we following right method.

( are we supposed to add s4hana certifictes in cpi ) or ( firewall open?)

My client says, cockpit connection are good, but i do not know what is reason for tls( monitoring) says unknown host.