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Oct 25, 2020 at 10:44 AM

Triangular process


Dear all,

After or before billing process how to get the delivery note number related to a lineorder in a third party order.

For a standard order, it is very easy we can get it at ease in the documentation flow.

What happens in a third order ? only the invoices numbers appear in the documentation flow.

The third order process we have is :

1. set up the order in type ZTA, we get an order acknowledgment order number once the order is saved

2. Transaction ME58 with the order acknowledgment order number and then we save : we get P.O number intecompany

3. we launch the delivery in vl10i through the receipt number of the PO

4. Invoicing is done automatically

In the documentation flow VA03 or VF03 : we can't see the delivery note number related to the shipment !!! we have to note down the delivery note numbers created at the step 3.(VL10i) !!!!

VLO6o allows us to get the delivery numbers if the shipment is not yet done( so before the goods issue), but after billing what is the transaction ?

thank you all for your help.