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Oct 22, 2020 at 09:05 PM

How schedule lines are confirmed for standard IPO order


Hi Experts,
Please advise me for the below query.

How schedule lines are confirmed for standard IPO order? That after PR gets created automatically

Let us take an order (one of my clients) in the S4 system.

I wanted to learn what are the parameters that the system is considering to confirm schedule lines: Requested Delivery Date (03/02/2020) - Order creation date (10/19/2020) = 134 days (in the above scenario)

Below are my findings (in my client's system)
1. In my sales order type, Lead Time in Days = 0
2. MARC -> Material/Plant combination = RLT in Calendar Days = 0
3. OVXD (shipping point) -> ES04 = 5 (working days)
4. I then checked MARC entries for that material

5. Also checked this

Now, the same configuration and master data setup is in the Quality system. When I created an order today in the Quality system, putting the Requested Delivery Date (as 03/02/2021), the schedule lines do not confirm quantity and therefore no PR got created. I even tried putting the Requested Delivery Date (as 03/02/2022), still schedule lines do NOT get confirmed.

Please assist me in understanding how does availability check work for standard IPO order?