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Oct 22, 2020 at 06:38 AM

How to disable automatic row adding?



I have a UDO - document header and document lines style.

User tables are:

One main table, and 7 child tables.
I want to be able to add a row to one of the specific child tables.
My form has header part and 7 folders (tabs) part, each one containing a matrix, which is bound to one of 7 user tables.
When ever i add a row to a specific matrix, click "Add", the row is added into database child table for that matrix, but also a blank row is added for other matrices/child tables, even tough I didn't add row to other matrices..

I also added the code which disables other matrices if certain one is selected but to no avail.. also tried to Clear(), and FlushToDatasource.. still no
There is always a blank row added to database for other 6 matrices..

Has anyone had similar problem?