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Oct 26, 2020 at 08:24 AM

Invoice Changes : Field SPGRM in RSEG Table

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I have a question regarding the field "SPGRM" of the table RSEG (MM purchasing Module of SAP).

I have made an extraction of SAP client tables, the purpose is to list all the changes (including blockings) that have occured to the Invoices that we analyze.

For that, I used the table CDPOS and CDHDR to list all the changes that occured to the Invoices MM and FI.

The results show that the majority of changes concern the field "SPGRM" of the table RSEG (apparently linked to blocking MM because of the quantity). However, when I give my client some examples of invoices to check what happened with them, the client doesn't find any quantity changes on those invoices.

Can you please help me understand the following:

1- How this field (SPGRM from RSEG) is modified in SAP? and what does it refer to exactly?

2- Is it modified automatically or manually ?

3- How can my client access those modifications in SAP ? or at least be able to see that the spotted Invoice have had those changes?

Any complementary explanations are welcome :)

Thank you in advance.

Have a good day!