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Oct 21, 2020 at 05:17 PM

Parameter Showing Incomplete List of Records


Disclaimer: I am a novice at Crystal Reports.

I created a report with a date range parameter and a dynamic parameter to choose from multiple employees -- it worked fine.

There was an issue in my SQL statement, so I edited the SQL and uploaded the new version to the report. But now the list of values for the employees is about half what it should be, even though when I run the SQL query in SQL Developer I see all records.

I tried creating a new, blank report with the new SQL query and all employee records show up on the report. But as soon as I try to add a parameter, either dynamic or static, I only get the abbreviated list. I tried to manually add the value of one of the employees that shows on my report, and when I run the report I get no data.

It seems like it is some caching issue.

I have a standalone version of Crystal Reports 2020.