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Oct 20, 2020 at 03:36 AM

How to test CF Destination using POSTMAN



I've a ECC destination setup in SCP CF sub-account. The destination is setup with basic authentication. When I tested the same via scpms service, I'm able to fetch data by configuring an oData URL in the connectivity section of scpms.

Now, I need to use this destination from a Node.JS application and I followed blog - for the same. However, I'm facing issue in the last step where the connectivity service gets called via the proxy host and port. It's not working. And hence I tried all the steps via POSTMAN and again I got stuck in same place.

1. Used URL - and with basic auth, I've used client id and client secret from the destination service key to fetch the access token.

2. Used and passed the above received token as bearer token in the authorization. And, I'm receiving the destination detail with authTokens.

3. I'm using this URL and in header I'm passing the authorization value which I'm receiving in above step. Here host and port in the URL are, onpremise_proxy_host and onpremise_proxy_port taken from the service key of the connectivity service. And, here I'm getting a 'request time out'

Not sure what is wrong here. Another problem is, I don't have access to SCC logs but the destination is working fine as I'm able to hit oData via this when using scpms or ui5 application.

Please guide.