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Oct 20, 2020 at 01:25 AM

Make a value help as drop down



I am using the CAP model in SAP HANA XSA on-prem SPS04. I wanted to understand how can I make a value help as drop-down using annotations?

When I create a value help using @cds.odata.valuelist, it comes as F4 help, I want to make it a drop-down.

Also, how can I enable the fuzzy text search on the selection field? As of now if I type anything in the selection fields then with the searchsupport enabled it shows the result but you have to type the text in the same sequence. In S/4 ABAP CDS we can specify a fuzziness threshold and all the matching texts are returned even if we have not entered the search text sequentially.

For example: If I want to search 'Cloud' in my selection field then in CAP model with searchsupport enabled, if I type 'Clo' then I get the suggestions but if I type 'loud' then I do not get anything. But the latter works in S/4 ABAP CDS.

Is there any way we can enable this?