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Oct 21, 2020 at 02:17 PM

Webi Sorting of numbers incorrect

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Dear community,

I am having an issue with a cross table the I would like to sort. On the vertical axis I have some categories, and on the horizontal axis I have time. The table itself is filled with the value that is related to the previous two. I created a rank, which seems to be correct, but when I sort that rank, I seem to get a random order of numbers (example is the upper 10 for ascending order):

4971 - 420 - 4959 - 1 - 4969 - 4970 - 16 - 2 - 7 - 420

The value I ranked is somewhat odd:

=Last([X]) - Last(Previous([X]))

Where X is a measurement.

I already checked if I am using other sortings that I might have overlooked, but this is not the case. Also I am sure that this ranking is a number. I use merged items for the categories, and I used the combines object instead of one of the 'childs'.

Can someone tell me what I am overlooking?

I am on BO 2016, SP2.

This is with sorting on the column ascending:

And this is without any sort:


screenshot-4.png (84.0 kB)
screenshot-5.png (44.3 kB)