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Oct 20, 2020 at 07:58 PM

Image of a white background in a smartform



I want to add an image of a transparent background.

I converted the PNG to BMP with a white background. and I uploaded it via the transaction SE78.

I added the image in the smartform.

But when I run the SMARTFORM the image is displayed with a gradient background (is not clean). Even if in Word for example the same image appears clean without any problem.

My question is how can I correct the degradation problem so that the image appears clean (white background) ?

Here is a capture of SE78:

And here are the parameters of the image in the SMARTFORM:

This is a result (as you see the background is different from white) :

Even if it is clean (white background) when I put the same image in the word, we see that the background of the image is clean:



01-se78.jpg (91.6 kB)
02-smartforms.jpg (38.9 kB)
03-result.jpg (21.3 kB)
04-word.jpg (17.8 kB)