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Oct 20, 2020 at 04:24 PM

Error for hdbgrants file.


Hello Experts,

When I am trying to build the hdbgrants file I am getting the below error message.

"Error: There were multiple "." found in name "TEST_PROJECT.TEST_DB.auth.roles::developer". There can only be at most one ".".grantor service: "consumed-db", type: "sql", user: "TESTUSER""

I know the error message is quite clear that it does not accept the "." more than one but in my case the hdbrole created in source container is having the same namespace and its not feasible for us to change the name.

Do we have any solution for this?

PS: I have created the hdbgrants file in src folder, do I have to create the hdbgrants file in cfg folder? If yes, what is the use of the cfg folder, do we have any documentation or blogs ?

Kindly help.

Thank You.

Best Regards,

Ajinkya Jadhav