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Oct 19, 2020 at 01:38 PM

How to check the version of Unified Rendering


Dear Experts,

I would like to implement an SAP note in a system. But in SNOTE, I am getting a manual preprocessing step, that I must make sure, that the system has Unified Rendering version 1906.

I was wondering how to show the UR version and after a LOT of googling, I found this:

I have tried both methods, however:
1. In transaction SITSPMON I see no UR Patch record. I can only see:

UR Version
UR Release UnifiedR_03_REL
UR Time Stamp 202009070913

From this output, I would suggest, that the version is 2009.

2. Report WDG_MAINTAIN_UR_MIMES shows:

urpatch: 1811

So, please kindly let me know, which is my UI version ? I have also checked in another system and there are also discrepancies between SITSPMON and the report (1906 vs. 1904)

Please advise on this uncertain situation. Thank you!