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Oct 21, 2020 at 12:44 PM

SAP Marketing Cloud API_MKT_CONTACT_SRV "Attribute COMM_MEDIUM is initial."


I am trying to use API_MKT_CONTACT_SRV_0002 in order to trigger EMAIL permissions for specific contacts. A double opt-in process should be used in this case. Via Postman I execute a POST request to


I add the following body to the request:

 "ContactID": "FA163EA081591EDAB48400496484FXXX",
 "ContactOrigin": "SAP_HYBRIS_MKT_IC",
 "ContactPermissionOrigin": "EMAIL",
 "ContactPermissionID": "", 
 "ContactPermission": "Y",
 "MarketingArea": "CXXGLOBAL",
 "CommunicationMedium": "EMAIL",
 "CommunicationCategory": "",
 "IsConfirmationRequired": true

Since I am adding the IsConfirmationRequired property, the double opt-in process should be triggered. However, this is not the case. I think the issue is because EMAIL communication medium is not considered. The pre opt-in interactions shows that it was created for WEB instead for EMAIL:

Postman returns 201. Only when I change the IsConfirmationRequired property to false, it gives me some error which hints for the communication medium:

It seems like there must be some other property for the communication medium which needs to be added. Or the service implementation is not correct because I would suppose that the CommunicationMedium property is mapped to the COMM_MEDIUM field.

Any SAP responsible who can help me with this?



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