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Oct 21, 2020 at 10:53 AM

Master / Detail Fiori App with second window, with responsive refreshing of the content


Dear SAPUI5 experts,

I have classical master / detail Fiori App using “SplitApp”.

In the master view I have list of invoices, in the detail view I have the invoice- details.

Now it would be great to have a second browser-window, where simultaneously will be shown the image of the invoice itself. So when I navigate in the first window, in the master list on another invoice, there will be refresh not only in the detail view, in the first window, but also the image will be changed in the second window.

Is it basically possible to implement something like that? To generate a second window and control it from the first one?

If yes, do you have some hints for me, what to do in order the extend my current Master / Detail Fiori App?

Every idea is highly appreciated!

Thanks a lot and best regards!